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tv   The Reid Report  MSNBC  March 11, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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happy tuesday, reeders. this is "the reid report." immigration reform and why some of its biggest supporters in the hispanic community are taking aim at president obama? and later florida and the first election of the 2014 mid--terms. more than $10 million spent in total on just one house race. we'll explain why. but, first, a story that exploded on to the senate floor this morning. did the cia spy on congress? specifically the committee designed to oversee the activities of the spy agency. that's the charge senate intelligence committee chair worm dianne feinstein leveled
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today against the agency. while the intel agency and the committees are sometimes criticized at being too cozy feinstein and the commit very been in a back and forth with the cia for several years about a forthcoming and possibly damning report on the history of the agency's detention and interrogation tactics. feinstein says the doj is now investigating whether an unnamed cia personnel monitored committee staff, accused -- accessed their computer and improperly removed files. essentially she says violating the constitution and undermining her committee's oversight of the cia. >> i have grave concerns that the cia's search may well have violated the separation of powers principles embodied in the united states constitution, including the speech and debate clause. it may have undermined the constitutional framework essential to effective congressional oversight of intelligence activities or any
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other government function. >> feinstein detailed her charges over a gripping 38 minutes on the senate floor. she says that after a long drawn out process by which the cia finally provided more than 6 million relevant documents, committee staff found one particularly damning. known as the panetta review. feinstein says the draft document details the patterns of abuse her own committee found in the batch of documents. however, feinstein said the cia rebutted portions of the committee report in the review process that's still under way. those answers were at odd with the internal panetta review. her committee asked for the final review late last year. the cia did not comply. since then accusations by unnamed sources have flown in the media, some claiming committee staffers took sensitive material without permission, and that senator feinstein is why she took to the
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floor today to rebut those claims. a short time ago my colleague andrea mitchell conducted a discussion with one of the men at the center of this controversy, cia director john brennan. here's his response, both to the report and to charges of hacking. >> we are not trying at all to prevent its release. as far as the allegations of, you know, cia hacking into, you know, senate commuters, nothing could be further from the truth. we wouldn't do that. that's just beyond the -- you know, the scope of reason in terms of what we would do. >> moments ago white house press secretary jay carney was asked several times about this controversy. and carney says president obama has, quote, great confidence in director brennan. michael mcauliffe, senior congressional correspondent for "the huffington post" and was at today's hearing. give us a context of what was going on in that hearing room, and did anybody know that this was coming before dianne feinstein took to the floor? >> well, there are some people who knew it was coming, but most of them didn't. remember, this is the senate
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floor, so this is even sort of a higher platform than a committee hearing, but she came out there after several days of this back and forth that you've recapped there, and she made this really remarkable speech, and i don't really think that you can underestimate quite how important this is because she has been a very strong defender of the nsa and the intelligence-gathering activities of the administration ever since the edward snowden revelations broke. now, this is an older case. it involves the torture of suspects shortly after the 9/11 attacks from 2002 to 2006, so this dates back to the previous administration, but, still, for her to come out and declare almost war on the intelligence agencies is really quite remarkable. >> and i think that is probably what is so shocking about this, because as you said dianne feinstein is known as somebody who has very much had the back of the intelligence agencies. is it surprising to folks on the hill that this controversy, which as you said really dates
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back to the sort of unlitigated issues from the bush administration is reuniting now? >> well, yes, it is. you had a change of administrations, so you had a democratic senate and a democratic white house, and they were trying to work together, so that's part of where some of the surprise comes from, because they had this very careful deal to review all these torture documents essentially in this cia site, and what happened was they would -- they gathered more than 6 million documents and then some of them started to disappear, including they never saw the final version of that panetta note that you were talking about so it really concerned them, and then these allegations started surfacing so feinstein went out there on the floor today and just dropped a bombshell. >> i mean, a cynical read of this, does feel to a lot of people, like we never fully litigated some of these issues of tore two, issues of what the cia was up to during the conduct of the so-called war on terror. the fact that we're doing it now so many years later. is there any sense of cynicism
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that you're detecting on the hill that we're litigating this, that the bush straight officials directly involved in this are long gone is. >> they are sort of long gone. john brennan was around, so he can certainly speak to what was going on back then, but, you know, senator mccain was out there today and he's done this before. he'd called for an independent commission to look into this. he was held captive in vietnam for many years and he's very sensitivish to use of torture so he would very much like to get to the bottom of this. gets very complicated, senator leahy, highly critical of the bub administration and torture said, no, we don't need an independent commission. that's the last thing i heard from him today. >> let's go back to the politics for dianne feinstein because this is sort of a change tone for her. give me a sense of just sort of the reaction to her, this kind of a reaction from somebody like dianne feinstein and the politics of it. >> sure, it's kind of all over the map. i and my colleague sabrina
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sadiki have been interviewing a lot of senators and senator chambliss is the ranking top republican on the committee and said it was a mistake and he wouldn't comment. another more hawkish member of her committee, senator jim rich from idaho, would not comment, said he might say something later. on her side senator wyden, critical of the nsa, wants the independent commission that mccain wants. lindsey graham who is not shy practically said we need to go to war on the intelligence agencies for snooping on congress. >> if we reopen those kwees and are allowed to actually examine what was being done by the cia during the conduct of the war on terror would be a good thing. many people beyond, whether or not they spied on congress -- >> senator feinstein says it's chilling and thinks a lot of that should come out and we'll see where that goes. >> "the huffington post's" michael mcauliffe, thanks very
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much. >> now an update on missing air flight 370. the data comes from malaysia's military and suggests the boeing 777 changed course before it disappeared with 239 passengers and crew on board. in another development, malaysian and interpol officials now say it's unlikely that the two iranian passengers carrying possibly stolen passports had links to terrorism. malaysia police identified one of the men, a 19-year-old headed eventually to germany to be with his mother. cia director brennan was asked about flight 320 at today's event and whether cia officials could rule out terrorism as a factor. to quote director brennan, quote, you cannot discount any theory. and coming up, immigration frustration is building, and republicans are struggling to get a handle on it, but now democrats could also be feeling the heat. we are all over it in a "reid report" buzz feed exclusive, and then it's all about 2014, a huge election in florida that will
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republicans have a problem, and it goes by the name of a rapidly expanding hispanic population. they can run, hide and restrict voting all they want, but the number crunchers have all kinds of charts and graphs that prove that a larger latino population, absent some attempt to appeal to these emerging voters, is a huge problem for the gop. meanwhile, house speaker john boehner continues to block immigration reform from getting a vote because what the gop also has is a base that's highly resistant to reform, even if it's in their party's best long-term interest. immigration activists have had it with the delays, and now they are not just targeting republicans.
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a recent study out of the university of california estimates that the obama administration is on track for more than 2 million deportations, more in six years than all people deported before 1997. at a town hall last week the president responded to critics labeling him the deporter in chief, putting the blame on congress. >> i am the champion in chief of comprehensive immigration reform, but what i've said -- what i've said in the past remains true which is until congress passes a new law, then i am constrained in terms of what i'm able to do. >> under growing pressure from activists buzz feed is reporting the congressional hispanic caucus is voting this week on a proposal to press president obama to make good on his pen and phone promise and act on his own. they want action on two fronts. slow down the deportations and increase the use of prosecutorial distropical
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depression but critics say the proposal lacks teeth and won't do much to move the immigration reform process forward. activist groups like the d.r.e.a.m. action coalition want to know why the entire congressional hispanic caucus isn't on board. in their words we need the chc to be leaders, not followers. and here with me now is buzz feed reporter adrian kariso who broke the story. first of all, let's answer that question. why isn't the entire congressional hispanic caucus on board? >> i think you saw the letter that came out and many congress people signed on to the letter saying you should suspend deportion as is and increase your use of prosecutorial prosecution. a lot of staff members of the congressional hispanic caucus will say they don't hear the pressure as much, but as you saw this week there was a lot of pressure and movement on the issue as well with, you know, the president being called the deporter in chief, with senators
11:15 am
menendez and schumer and harkin coming out saying deportation should be slowed down. now with you really feeling pressure on that front? >> what's the response from the democratic caucus? >> a lot of people are saying you're focusing on the wrong people, republicans are the ones slowing immigration reform. obviously here you have what the story is reporting a draft-over resolution. on wednesday the immigration task force will look at it and discuss it and voting on this on thursday to pressure the president to slow deportations and to increase the use of prosecutorial discretion which many activists say it's not new. you're not stopping the deportations. you can't have the senator from new york chuck schumer to be to the right of this issue on you. >> right. so the white house, i mean, what has been the reaction there? i'm assuming it's not very positive, the white house reaction to this. >> the president you could tell it stung when he was called the deporter of chief. for him to come out on the town
11:16 am
hall to get latinos to sign up for the affordable care act, he said i'm the champion in chief. he has pushed this and republicans are stopping. know they don't have to do anything right now and not making reform move forward. >> the white house, i even know from reporting on this, that this is a top priority for the white house to get immigration reform done now. we're still in the primary season and it's difficult for republicans, but according to your reporting, what do they believe the chances are that this pressure will work, that the president will throw down the gauntlet and zero out deportations until action comes from the hill? >> i think that you've seen a lot of people are sort of doubting that it's going to work and now you see the pressure increasing and people are thinking if everyone keeps coming out and increasing this pressure on the president and saying you really need to stop deportations, if that were to happen you'd have the republicans upset the laws are not being enforced where people would be saying you need to pass immigration reform if you want this to go on. >> this is obviously something that hasn't already gone through the senate, that the nat is on board. it's really the house of representatives, so how in your reporting are people responding
11:17 am
to the white house case that, listen, this is 80 something republicans in the house that won't let this go to the floor. all of the demonstrations in the world and attacking the white house won't make john boehner bring up an immigration reform bill. >> the d.r.e.a.draemers and act >> this is happening at the same time that the white house is making this big push for the affordable care act when one of the groups lagging behind in terms of enrollment is latinos. >> you have this burgeoning latino population in this country and a lot of people are zeroing in saying there's problems affecting the community, and one of them is deportations. >> so now lastly in terms of the strategy here we are seeing a lot more visibility among activism, among the
11:18 am
d.r.e.a.m.ers, et cetera. >> i think d.r.e.a.m.ers are working on some things in the next couple of weeks. they are the face of immigration. while it affects activists and day laborers and so many others who are affected but the d.r.e.a.m.ers face, different things going on, they know they will get people paying attention to what's going on. >> one of the lessons within the lbgt community is sometimes you have to pick at your friend, pressure the people that are your allies and that works. adrian, nbc latino alumni and now one of my obsession sites buzz feed. congratulations, great story. >> from immigration reform to investigation and developments in the chris christie scandal. the court hearing for former christie aides kristi kelly and bill stepien have just wrapped up.
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still ahead, reading between the lines on president obama between two ferns. but first it's time for the stories you can't stop buzzing about on social media and a little segment call we the tweeple. the #upforclimate has been trending since last night when 31 senators talked all night on the senate floor. 31 senators, including majority leader harry reid, debated global warming and green jobs. no legislation was discussed by the 30 democrats and one republican.
11:23 am
democrats had their support saying thank you, senate champiors for staying up for climate. it's still active if you want to join in on the conversation but that's not the only controversy. check out these iffy fashion photos circulating on the web. "vogue" italia has published pictures of a model in the tried and true black face. plus tribal clothing and surrounded by animals. for its march 14th issue. that wouldn't offend anyone, would it? no, no, it would actually offend pretty much everyone. many are debating whether these images are racist or merely just creative. so weigh in, folks. do you think this is offensive? tweet us on your opinion at the raeder's hechetag and tell us what you think and a story 100% positive and also empowering. using the band bossy hashtag this o. sheryl sandberg has launched a new campaign to
11:24 am
encourage girls to lead. >> by middle school. >> girls are less interested in leader this shan boys. >> that's because they worry about being bossy. >> we need to tell them it's okay to be ambitious. >> we need to help them lean in. >> words matter. >> let's just ban the word bossy. >> i'm not bows, i'm the bossy. >> yes, that was beyonce herself who pitches in along with actress jennifer garner, among other successful women in the one-minute psa for the campaign. judging by the social media response you're trillion dollar to join the effort to ban bossy and remove the stigma from girls that they face when they decide like beyonce to be assertive and be the boss. you really picked a winner today and we don't think you're bossy at all. join the conversation on instagram and twitter and facebook and keep telling us what's important to you. >> next step is going to be florida where today's special election could determine how democrats across the nation will handle health care in their own re-election fights. as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires.
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in the political world, all eyes are on 2016. will hillary clinton run? is chris christie still viable? ted cruz, too canadian or maybe too tea party and what are rand paul? all important questions, but first things first. to get to 2016 we have to start with 2014. actually let's go back even further, to 2010 and the mid-terms. democrats took their eyes off the prize and lost races in swing states that they should have won. republicans gained 60 house seats, 6 seats in the 6 senate seats and 7 governorships, some in key purple states that president obama won in 2008. now the house is on virtual lockdown and democrat would need to flip 17 seats to take it back, something history suggests will be tough with a president of the same party in a second term so while we care about 2016 it will be an important election. on this show 2014 comes first, so over the next several months we'll focus on key races for
11:29 am
governor, united states senate and the house and key statewide races. these races will set the tone for 2016 and also determine where things stand on immigration reform, what's in the federal budget or what isn't. and the next steps for implementing the affordable care act. all of that is about 2014, not 2016. so let's start with two of the most important states, florida and wisconsin. first to florida's 13th district where democrat alex sink is facing republican david jolly in a special election to replace republican bill young who died last fall. pollsters are still calling it a tossup. now the outcome is seen as a test of whether democrats can defend health care reform in a state the president narrowly won in 2012 but where a republican held the seat. the question is can the democrats flip this district? steve shale was the state director for the 2008 obama campaign in florida and full disclosure i preferably worked on that campaign so i refer to him as the boss and also a senior adviser to the florida
11:30 am
democratic state democratic house party operation and joins me now from tallahassee. steve, great to see you. >> congratulations, i couldn't be prouder of you. >> thank you very much, appreciate, it man. let's talk about florida i14. lots of interesting things about this, not least of which is that alex sink was a former gubernatorial candidate and now trying to get into the house. tell us a little bit about the district that she's running in. >> well, it's a quintessential swing district. pinellas county used to be fairly republican. obama carried it twice and alex sink carried it, a district that could really go either way. alex in a lot of ways is the perfect candidate. it's a district that generally is sort of fiscally fairly conservative, socially fairly moderate, suburban district, a decent number of retirees and she fits sort of the right mode of a non-ideological pragmatic problem solver and if you look in pinellas county recently, democrats elected a mayor in st. petersburg which crosses over part of this district so a
11:31 am
very similar kind of platform so i suspect that alex will win. it will be a close election tonight. $9 million or $10 million spent down there but i think she will pull out a narrow victory >> you mentioned the money. let's take a look at the money gone in. $5.5 million for alex science sink and the democrats and nearly $1.5 million for david jolly, not like money from the campaigns but tons of outside money pouring in. why do you suppose so much effort and money, american crossroads and the rest are concentrated on this one race? >> well, again, i think it's sort of the quintessential swing district this. district hasn't had a competitive election in 60 years and arguably the most competitive district in florida. tampa media market, as goes tampa statewide, as goes florida. for both parties sort of a good bellwether. there's nothing else going on so given the lack of sort of other issues happening around the country, other races, it's allowed the attention to get drawn here, and i do think alex,
11:32 am
you know, should she win this thing and i think she will, i think it will be another candidate, if you look back at 2013, we saw sort of pragmatic common sense adults around the country and that's the kind of campaign she will win tonight. >> her opponent david jolly has taken the word conservative out of his ads. does that tell us anything about where sort of florida, as you said, tampa, is the critical media market here? if jolly doesn't want to put the word conservative in the ads, what does this tell you about how the i-4 corridor in this kind of a district is trending? >> not just that ideological. take the tampa and orlando media market, areas that tend to vote for both republicans and democrats. a lot foetd for barack obama and rick scott. they don't follow into one partisan lane or another very easily and if david joggy loses this race it's probably because right after the primary he came out and sort of became mr. conservative and ran the tea
11:33 am
party guy in the primary, didn't really pivot very quickly back, and, again, i think it's not a region that serves itself well to folks who run from one lane to the other. that's why al section a good fit there. >> just to point out to people how these two camps are shaking out, i want to play for the audience a couple of phone messages that people are getting and some of the big dogs that are leaving campaign messages for folks. let's take a listen. >> hello, this is bill clinton. on march the 11th, pinellas county voters can send a proven leader to congress, someone who will work across the aisle to get things done. that leader is alex sink. >> hi. this is senator rand paul calling to urge you to vote on tuesday for david jolly in the race for congress. david believes in smaller government. he thinks it's the way to protect our liberty, and i agree. that's why i'm supporting him. >> so, steve, what does this tell you about -- these are the two camps that are going to be playing big in 2014 in florida, clinton and rand paul?
11:34 am
>> well, i'll tell you what. my hunch is that david jolly probably didn't send that rand paul phone call to many folks who are swing voters. i think most voters identify more with clinton than they do senator paul. no disrespect to him. i'd be happy to have president clinton in my corner any day. >> steve shale, thank you very much, man. >> and now to wisconsin where if you can't find time to vote, then you must really have a problem. at least that's what the sponsor of the wisconsin senate's latest voter suppression bill told msnbc back in november. today the state senate is poised to vote on senator glenn grothman's bill to ban early voting on weekends and set weekday early hours from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and prevent county clerks from adjusting those hours to meet their local demands. in 2012, wisconsin had the second highest voter participation rate in the country and early voting reached near record levels, thanks in part to laws making it easier to
11:35 am
vote. that's in 2012, and this despite the fact that since 2010 when republicans took over the statehouse they have been very focused on hobbling state employee unions which tend to give democrats spending parity with republicans an imposing increasing voting restrictions, so why do republicans seem so intent on cutting back voteing? democrats say the proposed changes would have the biggest impact on voters in the state's two biggest cities, milwaukee and madison, both democratic stronghold, but grothmman wants to standardize voting hours all across the states, and rules will apply to voters in the big cities and rural part of the state where republicans happen to do well. is it fair to block options for voters who work irregular hours, eliminating weekend voting hours the best way to ensure equal access to the ballot box for every eligible voter? let's ask scott ross, the executive director of one wisconsin now, a group that's trying to stop republicans from
11:36 am
rolling back the clock on early voting. scott, these specific restrictions, are they being seen by your average wisconsin as directed as democrats, or is this sort of playing well with the fairness message that the republicans are using? >> well, joy, first of all, congratulations on the new show. it's great to be here, and they are absolutely seeing it for what it is. i mean, wisconsin has been ground zero for voter suppression in the united states of america. rnc chair reince priebus and governor scott walker have waged an all-out assault on voting, voter purging and voter suppression and that was before they took charge of the state legislature. now we've seen an unconstitutional voter i.d. bill and seen efforts to throw out legal ballots because of minor clerical errors and we've seen an attempt to restrict access to the ballot box for legal voters. now they are going off the cliff.
11:37 am
they want to restrict early voting in a way that's never happened before, including, as you mentioned, ending weekend voting. we need more access to the ballot box, not less. >> and how much of this is specifically about governor walker's re-election, one of the tea party governors elected in the big sweep in 2010 and who now is going to have a harder time, if democrats are really focused? how much do you think this is really specifically about his campaign? >> well, i think it's a huge part of that. you know, we know that if, you know, if it's a fair fight, governor walker's party does tend not to win. wisconsin hasn't gone for a republican presidential candidate since -- in 30 years. we haven't elected a republican to the u.s. senate in a presidential election since jimmy carter was on the ballot and that's why they are putting up the roadblocks because they want to restrict access to the ballot box for the people they see as their enemies, minorities, seniors, students, working families and people with
11:38 am
disabilities. >> and so let's talk about the counterstrategy. are we seeing unions and other groups who oppose this law doing anything on the ground to fight back? >> absolutely? i think there is an all-out concerted effort to protect the right to vote in wisconsin, a right, i would add, is in the wisconsin constitution unlike a lot of states. i mean, that is -- that's what's so upsetting about this, is that wisconsin, as you mentioned, has the second highest voter participation and presidential elections, and that's because democrats and republicans for years and years and years considered voting to be a sacred right, that they enshrined laws that would allow access to the ballot box, that would encourage voting. we're going in the opposite direction and one of the reasons they are doing this is they are claiming there's voter fraud in the state of wisconsin as all across the country. we've had a republican attorney general who for the last seven years has pursued every possible lead. you have a better chance of going out in your driveway of
11:39 am
clearing the snow off and seeing a ufo there than committing in person voter fraud. >> tell us about the voter i.d. laws. >> arguments were heard before the supreme court two weeks ago, also something going on -- also still a case still pending before the federal courts, and we'll see what happens. we're going to keep fighting for this. this fight will not end with governor walker's signature. this fight is going to end with a judge declaring his law unconstitutional. >> scott ross, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> all right. to colorado now where the state is getting a pot of cash after legalizing marijuana. the state says it took in more than $3.5 million in taxes and fees from recreational and medical marijuana sales in january. 2 million of that was just from recreational sales alone.
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thought you ever wanted to know about the special election in florida, but wait. there's more. if elected, alex sink would be the 100th woman in congress. the past two years several female candidates won special elections so there is momentum building, and republicans know it. that's why the gop and outside groups are pouring those millions into david jolly's campaign against alex sink or why the campaign against wende davis in texas is so vicious. 2014 is a huge map for women candidates, and they are carrying some of the democrats' biggest races. that means republicans are going to have their hands full, especially if the war on women both at federal and the state level motivates female voters, particularly single women voters around the country in states like texas, kentucky and georgia. so while the talk around women candidates is pretty much all about hillary 2016 we'd rather focus on the women to watch in 014. and to do that i'd like to bring in stephanie schriok, president of emily's list which is a progressive group focused on electing democratic women to office. thanks for being here,
11:44 am
stephanie. >> thank you. >> i want to start off where we left off in the last segment, alex sink, hitting her opponent david jolly for his support for overturning roh moo-hyun and says he personally opposes paycheck fairness. do you want to make a prediction on whether that will help alex sink? >> well, i'll tell you. we can already see it in the early vote. women are coming out strong for alex sink, and it is -- it is about women's health care. it's also about david jolly's dismissal of the idea of equal pay. he is someone, like the republican party today, that just continues to want to move the clock backwards on women and families, health care, equal pay, economic opportunities and this race is about issues, and i'll tell you the women are going to decide it, and alex sink i believe by the end of tonight is going to be the 100th woman in congress, as you said, joy. >> emily's list is obviously playing in some of these congressional races. are you also looking at some of
11:45 am
the statewide races, too, because as you know it's very important down the ballot, not just the federal races but statewide. is emily's list getting involved there as well? >> absolutely. joy, you're so correct. we're engaged in six governor's races this year. you were just talking about wisconsin. that is a huge, huge race for us this year at emily's list, and if you would like to look at the candidates, check emily' we have all of their profiles, just fantastic. but in wisconsin we have mary burke running against governor scott walker. i've got to tell you. you've got to watch this one close. mary's got a real shot here to defeat him, stop him now right away, particularly since we know governor walker has his sights set on another election down the road. >> i mean, on the other side, of course, republicans have made a -- at least they have said they would like to improve their appeal to women voters. haven't seen a lot of the evidence of that, at least not at recent events like cpac, didn't see a lot of women there. when emily's list is marketing
11:46 am
out there, is there a lot of hunger among republican women to see more women on their side, and does emily's list speak to that? >> emily's list is solely focused on electing democratic women to office, and we do that because the democratic party stands for economic opportunity for women and families. the problem with today's republican party is that they have made a series of policy decisions and commitments to their base to roll back the clock on women's health care, on talking about economic opportunities. i mean, this is what women need in this country. they need a fair shot. we're not asking for a handout. we're just asking for a fair shot, and the republican party just keeps missing the boat on this, and until they change their policies women voters are not going to move and moderate republican women are going to continue, i believe, moving towards democratic candidates. >> well, let's talk about some of the specific issues that in
11:47 am
your view motivate women voters because one of the things you'll hear a lot about on the right, things like eborings issue don't move voters, that they are more important to pro-life people than they are to people who protect the right to choose and that, you know, perhaps when we talk about the woman, that's not motivating single women to get out to vote. what specific issues do you find are the most pot ent in getting non-traditional mid--term women voters to come out? >> well, access to health care and having choices for access to health care is incredibly important to women and their families and we'll continue seeing that being a top issue, but other piece of the puzzle is about economic opportunity. we keep at emily's list talking about equal pay. that is tied into minimum wage. you know, the massachusetts majority of folks who are receiving minimum wage today are women. women who are trying to raise families on a wage that just isn't going to make it day by
11:48 am
day. this is what american women are facing every single day, and when they are looking for candidate, they are looking for candidates who are going to stand by them, who understand what they are going through which is one of the reasons i believe that we've had such great success at emily's list at recruiting great women to run for office this year and the enthusiasm and the momentum that is building in florida '13 with alex sink, all the way to the senate race, michelle nun and i can keep going and going. what we're seeing is a momentum building for strong democratic women candidates because women across this country see women candidates bringing the right judgment and right priorities to the job. >> certainly see a lot of candidates out there in see races. thank you very much. >> thank you, joy. >> all right. next, president obama between two ferns. we'll read between the lines about how a funny video exposes truths about health care that aren't funny at all.
11:49 am
it is a time for "your business" entrepreneur of the week. jen hayman launched rent the runway and customers rent the dress and accessories for a fraction of what it costs to buy them. mobile became 25% of their traffic so they launched a very successful app last year. for more watch "your business" sunday mornings on msnbc. ould be ould be one thing i've learned is my philosophy is real simple american express open forum is an on-line community, that helps our members connect and share ideas to make smart business decisions. if you mess up, fess up. be your partners best partner. we built it for our members, but it's open for everyone. there's not one way to do something. no details too small. american express open forum. this is what membership is. this is what membership does.
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what is it like to be the last black president? >> seriously? what's it like for this to be the last time you ever talk to a president? have you heard of >> here we go. >> okay. let's all agree that president obama's appearance on the pretend talk show between "two ferns" was hilarious and strategic but it is kind of a mess that the president has to go on funny or die to explain a health care law that's been in place since march 23rd, 2010. four years later lots of americans still aren't clear on basic things about the law which makes it illegal for health insurance companies to deny people with pre-existing conditions, expands medicaid to include more of the working poor, let's kids stay on their parent eats insurance until age 26 and closes the prescription drug doughnut hole in medicare part d. all the misconceptions are making it easy for republicans to blame obamacare for
11:53 am
everything, like when insurance companies raise premiums, something they have always done. blame obamacare. your policy gets cancelled, obamacare. the loamal pizza joint wants to raise their prize, they can call it an obamacare care tax and people like this lady appearing in an americans for prosperity ad claiming her cancer treatments are unaffordable because of obamacare even though they are actually cheaper, and when it's pointed out to her by a report, she just refuses to believe it. meanwhile, good news like the drop in the percentage of inunshird americans from 17.1% at the end of 2013 to 15.9% now is basically lost. in part because more than 8 in 10 americans already have health insurance, so why pay close attention. but also because the messaging from the white house and democrats have been so bad. all people hear is about the white house that didn't work at first, or that republicans don't want young people to sign up because uncle sam is a creep puppet man or this. >> it's really, really good to be here today. i love coming back here because
11:54 am
there are always so many young people or as you're known by the folks across the river obamacare suckers. >> i'm sorry, but i can never understand a single word that woman says. three weeks before the enrollment deadline the health care law is still a mystery to a lot of people and that's why it pose such a big political risk for democrats who if they are smart will emulate the few like mary landrieu instead of running from their votes are hitting back at republican governors from withholding health care from 4 million of their citizens to show how anti-obama they are. if young americans and latinos in particular warm up to universal health care it's a huge long-term win for the party that passed it. republicans, by the way, know, that too, but i swear if president obama turns up on hoarders trying to pitch health care to the lady with 4,000 soup cans, i'm through. anyway, that wraps up things for "the reid report."
11:55 am
i'll see you back here tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. eastern and "the cycle" is up next. what's going on today? >> what's wrong with "hoarders? ." >> i love that. >> they need the aca, too. >> i don't want to see obama on "hoarders. has to stop somewhere. >> we've got the late on the search for malaysia flight 370, incredible documentary about judges getting paid for sending kids to jail and my thoughts on the civil war in the democratic party and why that's the one that really matters coming up. >> all right. go get them. "the cycle" is coming up next. ut breath, your first grasp, your first smile... we were there. your first roll, your first friend, we were there too. and swaddlers blanket-like softness, that you've loved since day one, is now available through size 5, for many more firsts to come. ♪
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wishing you love, sleep & play. pampers.
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♪ ameriprise asked people a simple question: in retirement, will you outlive your money? uhhh. no, that can't happen. that's the thing, you don't know how long it has to last. everyone has retirement questions. so ameriprise created the exclusive.. confident retirement approach. now you and your ameripise advisor can get the real answers you need. well, knowing gives you confidence. start building your confident retirement today. breaking news now, as "the cycle" gets rolling on a tuesday. the search narrowing in on a spot none of us thought we'd find that malaysian jumbo jet. i'm crystal ball. luckily we have our guy who knows more about aviation than anyone. tom costello is just minutes
11:59 am
away. >> a senate shocker. spy games come to capitol hill and one of the leading names is naming names. >> and bridgegate becomes bridget gate as we see perhaps the most prominent figure in this scandal. i'm ari melber, nothing like the law to make you physical music. >> cycling out of control. beyond belief. new insight into what constitutes a miracle. i'm abby huntsman, a reason why you're watching "the cycle." plus, i'll make something krystal clear. the most important political divide is wait for it, with the democrats. >> what? >> we begin with breaking news, and it is potentially huge developments in the mystery of missing malaysia flight 370. the search area has broadened but rescue teams could be
12:00 pm
narrowing in. they are working off new information that the plane might have veered 750 miles off course. the military says more than an hour after the plane lost contact with civilian air traffic control, their military radar possibly picked up the plane in the strait of malaca, 750 miles away from the intended flight path and where initial searches started four days ago. that's why the search area was extended monday. the strait of malaca is one of the world's busiest shipping channels and runs along the coast. the u.s. has long range aircraft searching over the strait covering about 1,500 square miles every hour. the pc-3 orion is equipped with special sensors to detect small degree in the water but still no sightings of the plane so far. it's been eight hours since the military let us know publicly that the plane possibly changed course, refocusing the search. the military revelations could rule out a sudden and


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